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Men’s Dating Tips, Will You Get More Dates?

Virileman Men’s Dating Tips provides the 3 necessary strategies and tactical information to get you more dates.

The 3 strategies are:

1. Changing your dating mindset.

Benefits: You have less confusion and better clarity about the whole dating process.

2. Taking bite sized chunks.

More benefits: You move to the next level in the dating process when your ready.

3. Constant Improvement.

Even more benefits: You create future success by constantly reviewing and improving all areas of your personal and dating life. 

Note: Men’s Dating Tips success is largely impacted by these 3 strategies. Strategies remain constant while tactics are more easily adapted to fit the requirements of each situation.

*Confidence and belief in yourself will skyrocket once you begin to see dating as a process!

For me, it wasn’t all a bed of roses…

My name is Colin Shaffer. I’m here to tell you that becoming great at dating wasn’t all a bed of roses. Talking with women, getting phone numbers and setting up dates was very challenging at first.

It was easy for me to laugh and talk with girls I already knew because mostly I wasn’t interested in them. It was hard for me to get a new girl out on a date! Once I learned how to break the dating process up into different parts, I was able to develop consistency and create predictable results. 

This is the system I am sharing with you today…

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Colin Shaffer, VirileMan 🙂

P.S. “Enjoy your life, its about to become fantastic!”


Author: Colin Shaffer
last updated: 01/29/19