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Ever Wondered How To Meet Women? Can You Attract Quality, Sexy Women Into Your Life Anytime You Want. How About Become More Successful?

Read on and see how VirileMan can help you do that and a whole lot more.

Using VMs cutting edge proven strategies to start and grow their own transformational journey men can develop the determination and character necessary to change their lives.  These new skills once incorporated into their systems and routines will help them get the things they want in life including more dating success as well as more sex etc.

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Take some time to scan through the important points of my life below you will see I understand the challenges and learned to overcome a lot of lessons the hard way before I started to implement the strategies talked about.

My own Self-Transformational Journey and Attraction Program:

  • My early life was a challenge. I was given up for adoption when I was born then my adopted parents divorced when I was 11. We sold our townhouse and I moved across the country with my mom and brother when I was 12 and we didn’t own a car or have enough money for decent clothes.
  • This started a cycle of low self esteem and poverty thinking that lasted through my teens right into my early twenties. Included  in this time period was lots of hard partying, rehab facilities, trying to start and raise a family as well as a business.
  • It was in my late thirties while trying to grow a commercial contracting company and keep a relationship with a wife that I had grown apart with that I fell apart. I tried to put out fires without ever fully dealing with any one problem. I ended up getting divorced, lost the business as well as dealt with hard substance abuse issues with one of my kids.                                                      This sent me into a mini depression that lasted for 3 months and took me a lot of work to come out of. I then had a huge accident on a job and ended up in the hospital and not walking for a long time.
  • Fast forward to age 51 and I have started to make huge strides rebuilding my life. I went back to school to retrain myself for another industry/career, started doing fitness as well as a personal development program etc.
“that’s not me doing the firewalk”
  • I also began eating properly, quitting and staying off drugs, booze, cigarettes, gambling and started to date again.
  • Creating and developing this blog to help other men transition their lives into one of their own design is one of the ways I can give back. Also to implement some of the strategies I have been learning in school.

Check out my BECOMING A VIRILEMAN page or Men’s Dating Tips BLOG to delve deeper into How to meet women and the dating game.

Enjoy your life, it will be outrageously great! Colin Shaffer

Author: Colin Shaffer