HOW To Start Your Dating Life

Don’t feel overwhelmed thinking there is so much to do and change. Just start doing 1 or 2 things at a time so it doesn’t feel overwhelming and you can see some progress right away. In a week or 2 start changing another 1-2 things about yourself. In 1 months time you can be in the process of changing 4-8 things about yourself and becoming a new person. This is real personal power you are learning and developing for yourself!

The rest of this post will be mostly about changing the outer physical aspect of your personality. Head over to the home page to get some mindset tips to start working on the inner you as well.

Start by Working Out and Changing your Grooming

For instance, you could start going to the gym for a few weeks and and at the same time start searching out on the internet how to groom yourself properly to become more attractive, as well as the best way to dress for your body type to have an edgier, more stylish look.

If you don’t have money then just start improving with things that don’t cost much money at first and then figure out how to get some money to start expanding your wardrobe.

When I first started changing my look all I could afford was 3 tight fitting v neck t-shirts. Then in a month I bought 2 tight fitting 3 button long sleeve Henley shirts from Old Navy. All my shirts were different colors and looked wicked on me. Even the best shirts money can buy look shitty if they don’t fit perfect. Next, I found a place to buy some good fitting jeans for $50 apiece. I bought 2 pairs, 1 blue, 1 black and the store hemmed to the proper length for free. Now I have 5 shirts and 2 pants that I can pair up into 10 different outfits. Next I saved up and bought some awesome casual shoes and a new pair of runners.

For Around $500 I Was A Changed Man

Once I bought a great looking stylish coat for $100 bucks from Le Chateau I noticed chicks checking me out everywhere I went. I kept my hair cut stylishly at least once every 2-3 weeks at most. I also went into The Bay department store cosmetics counter and talked the girls into giving me some free samples of really good cologne and now I’m looking and smelling great. On top of that my energy levels and mood are up because I’m drinking lots of water, eating better food, working out and talking to girls everywhere I go.

How Easy Is It Once You Get Going?

Shit man it is so easy once you decide to better yourself and not let anything stand in your way! In 3 short months I was on my way to becoming an entirely new man. Then the dates started to come more regular.


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6 Ways to Rid Yourself of Undesired Online Dating Matches

Here are some proven ways to create an online dating profile that attracts the type of person you want to date.

Inside The Post:

  • Giving them a view of who you are, how you live your life and the type of relationship you are looking for.

-Describe your most prominent and positive character traits.

guy wearing shades having coffee
Me kicking back having a beverage at my favorite coffee shop on the weekend.

  • What type of person do you want to meet? Talk about the character, not the characteristics of a person.

-Rather than say “looking for someone with an athletic build” say wanting to meet an “active” person or someone valuing health and fitness”

2 people hugging close
The connection was excellent, right from the start!

  • How to show people with descriptions what your favorite things are rather than telling them and letting them try and figure it out

-If you say “I love having fun weekends” people will not know what kind of fun to be expecting. If you say “I love having fun, my ideal weekend is Bowling, Netflix binge and a House Party” people will know what to expect from you and may be intrigued or like the same things and want to meet up

man diving into water
Me diving into the water from the dock at our cabin at the lake

  • Try not to be negative or snarky as this pushes quality people away

-There is nothing sexy about negativity. If you say in your profile “negative people need not apply” then the reader will assume you are also negative and do not have the self awareness to realize it. This will turn them off from your profile.

negative looking man
Negative looking man with head buried in his hand

  • Decide beforehand the story your profile will tell

-It shouldn’t be a novel rather a interesting short story with you as the main character

Guy smiling on a hiking adventure in the mountains

  • Make sure to check your spelling and grammar as it is the little things or the details that people see

-The effort you put into making your profile stand out will be appreciated by others so take the time to fix your typos and use the spell checker.

funny spelling on traffic sign
misspelled traffic sign

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6 Tips For Writing The Perfect Online Dating Profile :

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Successful Dating Mindset!

Successful Dating Mindset For the Potential  New Dating Man.
Hi, welcome to another informative post from VirileMan. Today we will talk about how there is a way for you to be more Successful Dating!
    • Wish you were in better shape?
    • Tired of not having the ability or confidence to walk up and ask someone out on a date?
  • Frustrated you don’t yet have someone to be intimate with?
I’ve had to deal with all 3 of these scenarios and then some throughout various stages of my life. My name is Colin Shaffer, I created the VirileMan brand to help men transform themselves into becoming the man that gets what he wants in life including becoming more Successful Dating.
The concepts of becoming a VirileMan apply to me to as I have always been interested in self-development and have transformed myself out of my own very challenging beginning.
Currently I am in school retraining myself in Digital & Social Media Marketing as well as Brand Development for Business. I created VirileMan to help men start dating again as well as practically apply the strategies I am learning in school.
As I mentioned earlier I have had many of my own challenges to walk through including:
    • Family of Origin challenges such as Adoption, Divorce, Poverty Thinking etc
    • Teenage problems including Low Self Esteem, Leaving Home Early With No Life Skills or Support, Getting Kicked Out Of High School, Running With The Wrong Crowd, Drug and Alcohol Abuse
  • Becoming a Man, Starting a Family, Getting in the Best Shape of my Life and then developing a Start-Up Commercial/Residential Service Company etc
The challenges can go on and on if you let them. I say let them because I’ve come to realize that once our minds wake up we can take responsibility for our lives and actively guide it towards creating the outcomes we want in our lives. As long as we are prepared to put in the work and stay a bit patient positive changes in our lives are inevitable.
In the coming weeks and months I will be putting out content both on my blog as well as my Social Channels designed to help you become a more Successful Dating man. The content will be designed to help you start transforming into a better you. Topics I will be covering include:
-Dating Mindset
-Social Circle Game
-Advanced Sexual Techniques.
In the beginning it is recommended to take a holistic approach and learn about the 6 key areas for dating success that I have identified as crucial to lasting success for men.  Get on the list for an advanced copy of my FREE Dating Tips Guide once it is released. It includes 100+ strategies and tips from the 6 critical areas that guys need to address when starting to date women. Free copies released to the public most likely will be limited so you want to get on the list asap.
Talk with you soon  
Author: Colin Shaffer

Cut Weight, Get Styled, Meet Women!

Thanks For Checking Out The First VirileMan Blog Post “Cut Weight, Get Styled, Meet Women”.

This Blog Is About Helping Divorced Or Single Guys Create New Dating Opportunities For Themselves By Learning Some Techniques In Six Key Areas.

Six Key  Areas:                                                                                                                           

  1. Using Accelerated Fitness And Workout Strategies To Lose Weight Faster, Tone Up And Define Your  Muscles While Gaining More Vitality.                  
  2. Utilizing Proper Eating And Living Habits To Get Healthy, Melt Off The Pounds, Create More Virility And Obtain Optimum Health. This Is Also A Huge Attraction Trigger To Attract People Into Your Life.
  3. How To Groom Yourself Using Proper Tools And Advanced Techniques.            
  4. Dressing With Stylish Looks And Using Accessories To Step Up Your Game.
  5. Strategies For Dating Success Including: Getting Your Mindset Right. Learning How To Cold Approach Anyone Anywhere. Engage And Control Conversations To Create Outcomes For Yourself. How Effective It Is To Create A Social Circle To Pick Up People And How To Create One. Online Dating Tips And Strategies. Magic Bullets For Using Text Game To Create And Further Attraction and so much more!
  6. Sex Techniques Including Sexting, Foreplay, Dirty Talk & Orgasm etc.

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Here Are Some Attraction Coaches I Have Studied As Well As Implemented Techniques That Resonated With Me: Jason Capital, Adam Gilad, Neil Strauss, Josh Pelletier, Brad P. , RSD Tyler, Greg Greenway

Author: Colin Shaffer