Business Building Tools

These Are Some Of The Main Tools I Use To Build And Run My Online Business:

Canva– Freemium graphic design app

Google Analytics– Freemium web analytics service

Google Drive– File storage and synchronization service that includes file sharing and robust text editor, all for free

ITTT– Great way to get your apps and devices working together, for free

Mailchimp– Freemium email marketing and automation customer relationship management service (CRM). Start small and add a paid service as you grow.

Siteground– Web hosting company. Excellent customer service and prices.

Tailwind– Scheduling tool for Pinterest and Instagram

Trello– Web based project management application– Free and open source content management system

1 & 1– Domain name registering company

Recommended Fitness Links:

Morning Stretching System:

Beginner Weight Training:

Workout At Home:

Recommended Business Building Books:

High Performance Habits, Brendon Burchard- Productivity through changing your habits and creating systems to support those new habits!

Expert Secrets, Russel Brunson- Find Your Message, Build A Tribe, Change The World

Awaken The Giant Within, Tony Robbins- How to take immediate control of your Mental, Emotional, Physical and Financial destiny

Toughen Up, Claude Hamilton- From a renowned Canadian Special Forces Diver. This book dives into molding your character into that of a leader and how to create business success for yourself by not giving in to your desire to quit when things get hard

Think & Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill- All about creativity in the mind and using it to create a dominating vision for yourself

Science Of Getting Rich, Wallace T. Wattles-  Timeless wisdom from a classic 1910 prosperity program

Psycho Cybernetics, Maxwell Maltz-Adopt new belief systems and re-program yourself for success

Entrepreneurship, Alex McMillan- Teaches entrepreneurship 101 from mindset to creating opportunities to determining what type of entrepreneur you are

Goals, Brian Tracy- Teaches you how to get everything you want faster than you ever thought possible

10X by Grant CardoneThe 10X  Rule, Grant Cardone- 10X The Actions you take in your business and personal life to get everything you want faster.

business entrepreneurship bookJab Jab Right Hook, Gary Vaynerchuk- How to tell your story in a noisy online world. Gary V. imparts his extensive Social Media and Entrepreneurship wisdom in this great book. Filled with practical examples of how to do Social the right way.

The Millionaire Booklet, Grant Cardonemillionaire book

Author: Colin Shaffer

last updated: 01/29/19