Texting And Sexting

Texting A Girl for attraction success

Introducing you to modern, edgier Texting & Sexting techniques for creating attraction with girls. Almost everybody texts today but do they send messages that create attraction. The upcoming Texting A Girl guide will enhance your communication and conversation capabilities for greater confidence and attraction success.

Texting A Girl is so much more than just inputting symbols onto a screen and hitting send. Edgier texting and sexting done correctly takes your game to the next level. Some of the Texting & Sexting guide topics included:

  • starting conversations

    attractive looking brunette looking at her phone
    She’ll be thinking about you all day 🙂
  • how often to text
  • how many texts to send
  • using emojis
  • sending pics
  • how to talk dirty
  • creating anticipation
  • get her to think about you all day
  • sending dirty pics
  • sending audio messages
  • sending video messages
  • making emojis sexual

and many more…

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Author: Colin Shaffer

last updated: 01/29/19